Minzhao Wu

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How I Learn Things

YouTube videos. No jokes. It's a treasure place.

Basically, I pay my tuition by my clicks and eyeballs. The YouTubers get paid by showing me ads.

Some videos are out of generosity and don't ask for monetization. These YouTubers can build up a content portfolios or establish credibility/influences.

Either way, it's a win-win-win situation. YouTube as a platform earn some revenue.

I love YouTube. It's THE platform I wouldn't live without.

Maybe one day I would be a YouTuber as well. Maybe.

Of course, I take courses, I read textbook too. However, a short video is much more agile to deliver new knowledge or updated one. There will be higher and higher costs of or taxes on be illiteracy, that is unable to learn, unlearn and relearn.

RSS and Email Newsletter

These are the most substainable way to publish.

We can't control everything. However, with these two mediums, you have more controls than posting on social media.

But having GFW in mind, email has an edge.

Support RSS

I love RSS. Please support RSS, content creators.